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I write itch fetish stories occasionally. I am also always eager to roleplay. Feel free to drop me a note!

I may make a story out of your prompt if I like it.


Hey, if anyone wants to do any kind of RP (whether itch-based or not), gimme a note! I do all kinds of stuff - both fetish and SFW stuff :)

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"Don't be a chicken", says Laura.
"How can you be so afraid of a little itch?" Jeannie shakes her head at me.
"Yeah! Put it on!" Again Laura.

We are in the bedroom, and my two friends have gotten me into a dare again. A nightgown and three packets of itching powder. I watched as they poured them into the silk and lace nightie. I wasn't looking forward to it. Laura rubs the itchy powder into the gown's bust. She accidentally touches her shoulder with a finger - still bearing the powder on it - and soon enough she's scratching her shoulder. Skrt, skrt, skrt, her nail goes. And I'm supposed to wear the whole damn thing.

I may be lots of things, but I am no chicken. I quickly undress and grab the powdered nightgown. It's one of Laura's - and she's skinnier than me. I'll be filling the thing nice and tight. Which is probably my friends' plan. Really rub that powder in!
"Undies off!" says Laura, a mischievous glint in her eye. I wink at her, and she reacts as if I've poked her with a needle. I follow her request though, and throw my bra and underwear at her. She blushes, red like a tomato.
On the nightgown goes. I can smell the itching powder now. A vaguely familiar aroma, it reminds me of some kind of tea. I feel my skin warming up. It feels very much like a sunburn. I suppose that's how the skin takes attacks.

And so comes the itch! Pinpricks cover my form. From my knees up to my breasts and everything in between, it feels like a hundred fleas are taking a bite from me. The pain is momentary, and then comes itchy irritation. Slight at first, it is definitely growing and growing. Allergies are an apt comparison for it.
My hand instinctively rises up and I scratch. My nails sink into my stomach, dragging along an itchy patch of belly. Laura and Jeannie giggle, and Laura even claps. She's eating me up with her eyes. My left hand wastes no time. It imitates the move of the other hand, and bites down into the itching flesh of my shoulder.
"Need help, Nadine?" Jeannie teases. 
"Shut up, Jean." I reply annoyedly.
The itches spread and grow. I find myself in control of them. I plant my back firmly against the door frame, sliding up and down, up and down. Immense relief flows through me, but I can practically feel I am grinding more itching powder into myself. I don't stop though. My hands meanwhile are hard at work too. My left is underneath the gown's neckline, scratching down my cleavage. My breasts are large and I am proud, but this is horrible. Rolling and pinching the soft flesh works for now. My other hand is very much busy under the damn nightgown too. Laura's idea of taking my underwear off has resulted in my itching privates. My hand runs all over them, nails sinking into skin, hunting after itches.
It is too much. I can't stand the irritation anymore. Off the nightgown goes, and Laura and Jeannie protest. "No fair!" "We had a deal". I throw the itchy gown at them.
The powder must be volatile, because within seconds, Laura is scratching Jeannie on the back while Jeannie is twisted out oddly to itch Laura's bottom and legs. I giggle.
"Have fun. I'm going for a shower."
They bolt after me. I reach the shower first, and I have the advantage of already being naked. I run the warm water over myself, and Laura bursts into the shower. She blushes red as can be.
"Hi, Laura." I grin at her as I coo.
"Hi Nadine." She is blushing still. Her itch must be growing, for soon she throws off her own PJ's.
My left hand is itching at my hip, but the right one can be tender. I touch Laura's cheek.
"Don't be shy. I've always known."
Laura bites her lip. Her hand is doing a similar itching exercise - in and out of her bellybutton - but her right hand lifts itself up to my own cheek.
"Can we...?"
"Yes we can." I lean in and kiss Laura's lips. My hand reaches over to scratch her back. And I feel her hands scratching mine. Just like that old saying.
The Nightgown
An itching powder dare isn't very romantic... Or is it? Drop a comment if you like it!

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Sarah sat on the bed of the guestroom, hunched over her laptop. Junior researcher for "1001 Castles of Great Britain". Could there be a more boring job? This castle was highly unremarkable. From its boring old ghost stories to the accomodation, nothing about it was out of the ordinary. She sighed as she gently closed the computer's lid. Tomorrow is another day after all. It was a typical Scottish summer night: cool and breezy. Sarah yawned as she crawled into the bed. 
Three in the morning. Sarah had to be rudely reminded of these quaint castles' peculiarities. Advertising promised authentic medieval experiences: Sarah had found out this mostly means bland food, barebones utilities and her favorite of all: flea-infested beds. Seriously! Her boss had given her a postcard before she went on this trip: a caricature of a Scotsman scratching his back on a fencepost, captioned "Scotland, Scotland: land of the free. With thousands of bugs and a million fleas". She understood the predicament. She sat up in the bed, yawning and itching at her breasts. The fleas had decided to bite there of all places. Just great. And it wasn't the only place that felt the bites: she ran her nails all over her sides, up and down, over and over again, purring softly with pleasure as she did so. She grabbed for her trusty backscratcher when she saw it.
A man in her room. How had she not noticed?
Alright, Sarah. Time for action.
The man was standing with her back to her. The tool in her hand wasn't some cheap plastic backscratcher, oh no. It was "Itchcalibur". A sword-shaped wooden monstrosity she had gotten at one of her first castle trips. She stood up silently and pinched her itchy bellybutton after which she held up Itchcalibur. 
One step.
Two steps.
Swing at the man's shoulder.
Itchcalibur passed clear through the man's body, and Sarah nearly ended up smashing it into her leg.

The man floated up into the air and turned. Now Sarah could see it: he was dressed in a decidedly old-fashioned manner. Nobleman circa 1550, she thought. Handsome young one, at that. So the ghost stories weren't a load of crap for once. Who knew.

"Miss! That's very rude, do you know?" The ghost floated about the room. Sarah didn't notice it at first, but he kept scratching himself too. His hands wandered over his crotch mostly, and he seemed to try and rub himself on the walls and furniture.
"You're trespassing in my room!" Sarah kept scratching now. She wasn't about to behave because of some ghost! She dragged her nails across her belly.
"Well, I do believe it is in fact my room, and--" The ghost raised his eyebrows, scratching his upper back. "I see the damn fleas got you too!"
"What does it say about the master of a castle if guests end up with fleas?" Sarah smirked. She employed Itchcalibur to its purpose now: slaying unpleasant itches in the middle of her back.
"Word of advice, miss. Never die with fleas in your pants." He floated down to Sarah. "May I?" He said as he motioned to the Itchcalibur.
"Are they haunting you?" Sarah came from an age much more permissive than the ghosts' own time, and so she started scratching at his back as best she could. Her fingers passed through him at first, but it seemed picturing him as a flesh-and-blood human made his body solid to her touch.
"Oh! OH! I've been waiting for this for a hundred and nineteen years!" The ghost bit his lip, turning towards Sarah. "Pardon  my outburst... Surely you would understand."
"A century of itchy back... Yeah, I'd shout too."
"As for the question: yes. Flea ghosts are real." The ghost said as he went afloat again. He smiled at Sarah, vanishing through the wall.

Sarah left the Itchcalibur on the bed. She opened her laptop once again, and started typing immediately.
"A true ghost story of Flech Castle..."
The ticking noises of her keyboard were slightly slower than usual. Her right hand was busy scratching. Scratching itchy spots that her newly-acquired ghost fleas were biting.

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Thais is cursed. Nobody knows how it happened. Rumors swirl about the village - some say she angered a ghost when she broke into a tomb by accident out in the fields. Others say it's forest spirits to blame - she washed her dirty feet in their sacred pools you see. You hear mutters when she passes by, and people fall silent when she looks at them. Whatever cursed her, fact of the matter is: Thais is cursed.

At least she has a mild curse. Everyone in the village remembers Old Lightning Rod: poor man. His curse attracted lightning bolts to him or whatever building he was in. And then there was Midnight Sarah, who could never stay awake in the daytime, condemned to roam the village all alone in the wee hours of the night. But I digress. Thais' curse is nothing so bad.

She itches.

You see Thais in the village square, her back firmly stuck to a fencepost as she shimmies left and right. Or maybe you see her down at the river, dragging a rough towel along her back as all the other women swim - preferably a decent distance away from Itchy Thais. Almost always she has a backscratcher hanging from her belt.

Or rather: You saw Thais. She doesn't live in the village anymore. Nobody wants to talk to her, touch her, even be near her. Everyone's afraid of catching Thais' undying itch. She is the witch's apprentice now. Nahi the witch. If there's one person in the village who has more rumors about her than Itchy Thais- it's Nahi. Nahi calls demons in her secluded forest hut. Nahi is a demon herself. Nahi brews deadly poisons for you if you wrong her. No - Nahi can kill you just by wishing you ill.

What Nahi actually does, Thais soon found out: She makes remedies from forest herbs, and once in a blue moon she casts some benign spell.

"Perhaps she can get rid of my itch?" - Thais thought when she first went to Nahi's hut.

"Perhaps I can." - Nahi had said. And so - Thaiswas an apprentice to the village witch.

Some duo - Nahi with her thirty-five years and Thais two years younger. Barely the witches you expect to see - Nahi, perfectly plain and thin, inquisitive brown eyes and long auburn hair. Thais- plump, always smiling, dressed always in colorful skirts and sweaters (unless it's hot out - then, a sleeveless shirt just as colorful). No cackling wart-ridden crones, these two.

Thais' itch mostly stays in one place: that spot on your back, the one you can never reach. It wanders too:

Thais walks in the forest, looking for herbs, both hands stuck to her plump belly under her warm sweater, nails chasing after biting itches. Thais brews a cauldron of potions, stirring with a great big staff, occasionally dragging the dry end of it against her neck and shoulders. At dinner: Nahi eats peacefully while Thais drags her bottom across the rough wicker chair, grunting as she finishes her meal.

But Thais loves it best when it's evening. Thais and Nahi share a bed. So Thais sits by Nahi - and Nahi knows what to do. 
Nahi's hands reach under Thais' pijama top.
Nails run across Thais' back - left and right, up and down. It brings relief - temporary, yes. But still relief.
So Nahi follows.
Nahi quickly takes care of it.
"My belly."
It tickles when Nahi scratches there - especially over her bellybutton! - and so Thais giggles, but the itch disappears almost immediately.

"Thais... There is something I need to tell you." says Nahi.
Thais turns around to face the other witch. Crickets chirp outside, and a gentle breeze brings in the cool air of the forest at night. Nahi claws at Thais' hips, distant and seemingly reluctant in her movement.
"Nahi?" Thais tilts her head, subconsciously mindlessly pinching at her itching breast.
"The curse... I have known how to lift it for a while now."
Nahi bites her lip, almost expecting a slap. It doesn't come though. Thais shouts: but a shout of joy! And next Nahi knows, the itchy mess that is Thais is hugging her and showering her in kisses.
"Aren't you m-mad at me?"
"How could I be mad! You will cure me!"

Nahi falls silent. She feels Thais' fingers run through her hair, as Thais' other hand is down below her waist, clawing at the eternal itch that has temporarily settled in a place most private.
"I didn't tell you because..."
"Mhm?" A kiss on Nahi's cheek, coupled with scratching noises, produced by Nahi's fingernails running against the small of Thais' back.
"Because without the itch you won't need me anymore. I'll be alone again..." She sighs.
"You will always have Thais, Nahi - itch or no itch."
An embrace follows, and soon both fall asleep. 

Thais is unusually still this night, while Nahi won't stop fidgeting. She twists and turns all night. She awakens.
"Thais." Nahi's voice is shaky and accompanied by a storm of scratching sounds. She is the one scratching for once.
"What is it hun." And Thais speaks as if waking from a thousand-year slumber.
"We have fleas! I'm itchy as hell, Thais, scratch my back!"
"Well I'm not--" Thais jumps out of bed. She quickly lights a candle. "Not a flea here in bed."

Thais leaves the candle on the nightstand, her hands in the clawlike position the scratching habit has taught her - and then her hands relax. She blinks.

"I don't itch, Nahi..."
"I do itch!"
Both women's eyes widen - and again an embrace. Only now - Thais is the one incessantly scratching Nahi's back. Chasing a thousand little itches away with her fingers.
"Nahi. Now you need me!" Thais giggles, her fingers running all over Nahi's itching bottom, smashing itches as they went along.
"I could not be happier."

Nahi is cursed. She scratches and scratches - but she doesn't mind. Always with her here: her loyal itchslayer, Thais.
Hey, if anyone wants to do any kind of RP (whether itch-based or not), gimme a note! I do all kinds of stuff - both fetish and SFW stuff :)


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